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Tips On Deciding Between Roof Replacements vs. Roof Repairs

roof replacement in sedona azLearning all you can about roof replacements vs. roof repairs can help make the decision easier, so don't be afraid to dig into whatever information you can find. Getting a professional roofer to give you advice about roof replacements vs. roof repairs is a lot like going to a doctor. For one, the opinion you get between professionals can differ. Also, you tend to believe the first one without investigating further because they're the professionals with the training, skill, and knowledge, right? The problem is, they may not inform you of all the solutions you have, such as the alternative methods you could take to repair the roof.

To help our customers and other homeowners, our Sedona roofing contractors at Versatile Roofing want to share a few tips with you about roof replacements vs. roof repairs.

Recognizing When You Have Major Roof Damage

You won't need to get a roof replacement until there is significant roof damage. However, even in the case of considerable roof damage, a roof restoration can often be done. The first step is to recognize whether or not there is significant damage.

It's not always easy to identify roof damage if the problem isn't readily visible from the ground. Generally speaking, there are many things you can check yourself when looking for signs of significant roof damage.

First, let us say to be careful if you're planning to walk on the roof, crawl around in the attic, or look for damage in the crawl spaces and tight places that aren't easy or safe to access. If you feel you're not fit enough, please get help from our professionals or one near you.

  • Hairline cracks on shingles
  • Broken roof tiles or shingles
  • Loose roof flashing
  • Weak spots or sinking spots
  • Roof bulges or bowing
  • Ridges or ripples
  • Water damage in the attic or crawlspace
  • Water damage on interior walls and ceilings

Be Willing To Get A Second Opinion About Roof Repairs vs. Replacement

When making decisions between roof replacements vs. roof repairs, don't be afraid to get a second opinion from a professional. Whether you're about to replace an old asphalt shingle roof or any other style, there are alternative solutions available.

For instance, some home and business owners may choose a roof coating system that can completely restore an old roof. If a local roofer has already advised you that you can no longer make roof repairs, try calling one who specializes in roof coatings or restorations.

If you are looking for a Sedona area roofing contractor then please call 928-282-7595 or complete our online request form.

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