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Our Latest Roofing Projects

Karnak Acrylic Restoration for a Roof in Sedona, AZ

Karnak Acrylic Roof Restoration Sedona, AZThis was a beautiful Full Karnak Acrylic Restoration done in the Chapel area of Sedona Arizona. This roof was an awful mix of low grade acrylic coatings, non fibered Aluminum coatings and Silicone coatings. I always recommend my customers to stay away from Silicone. It is highly temperamental and nothing sticks to it once it is down, making it difficult to repair or alter. It always needs to be removed....

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Waterproofing Roofing System Install in Rimrock, AZ

Rimrock Waterproofing Roofing System InstallationWe installed a Karnak Acrylic Waterproofing System on this Rimrock home. This was a much needed roof restoration project that will save the homeowner on energy costs.

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