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4 Types Of Roofing Damage That You Should Never Wait To Fix

roofing damage sedona azWhen it comes to your home's roofing, any kind of damage is bad, but there are some kinds that can a little bit more serious than others. With Spring in full swing, and summer on its way, an increase in rough weather can usually be expected as well, and because of this, the chances of your roof sustaining more serious damage increase drastically. In the event that your home suffers roofing damage of any kind here in the Sedona area, it is always important to make sure that you seek out roof repairs from a professional roofing contractor in a timely manner. However, with that being said, there are some repairs that you should definitely prioritize over others. When it comes to repairs, there are four that you should never put off having repaired for any reason. If you notice any of these four issues on your home's roof in the wake of a storm, give our team of professional Sedona roofing contractors a call immediately so they you can have them resolved.

Water Leaks

Even though it might seem obvious that you should seek out roofing help if your home develops a leak, you might not be aware of how serious an issue this can be. Water leaks are never something you should just put a bucket under and forget about. For all of the water that you can observe coming into your home, there is more that is just pooling in other hidden areas of your home as it trickles down to where you can see it. No matter how small the leak appears to you, the reality of the situation could be much worse. In addition, smaller leaks have a serious tendency to turn into larger leaks over time, and when this happens, you could have water invading multiple areas of your home without you ever knowing it until it's too late.

Rusted Or Damaged Flashing

The flashing on your roof is one of its most vulnerable parts, and it also happens to be the most likely place for a leak of any kind to occur. Leaks tends to form around any areas of your roof that protrude, and in order to protect there vulnerable areas, a roofing professional installed flashing. Over time, however, this flashing can become rusted or damaged, and when that happens, it loses its ability to protect these vulnerable areas of your home's roofing. If you have damaged or rusted flashing on your roof, make sure that you have a professional come out immediately to fix it and prevent further leaking.

Sagging Roof

As your home gets older, your roof might start showing signs of its age as well. One thing in particular that you might spot is what looks like a sagging in your roof. If you see this happening, you will want to call in a professional immediately. Because sagging roofing can be a serious sign of structural weakness, you never want to climb up there yourself, as one bad step could send you tumbling down through your attic or off the roof. A sagging roof can be a serious sign of underlying structural damage, and having a professional come out to take a look is the only way to be sure.

Damaged Gutters

The gutters along the edge of your home play a major role in channeling water off and away from your home's roofing. If your gutters have come away from your house, have holes in them, or have become clogged with debris, it could lead to some very serious issues for your rooftop. Water that can't find its way off your roof can tend to pool, adding a lot of unnecessary weight to your rooftop. That water can cause serious damage if it is allowed to sit up there for any length of time, so make sure that your gutters are in good condition at all times.

If you have roofing damage in Sedona, AZ that needs to be repaired immediately, please call our roofing contractors at 928-282-7595 or complete our online request form.

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